Nigeria as metaphoric Beasts of No Nation

Oludayo Tade June 12 represents the denial of the wish of the majority by the powerful holders of power in Nigeria (and their foreign collaborators)...

Buhari’s Dot-In-A-Circle and Makinde’s AK-47

Festus Adedayo Was it better that President Muhammadu Buhari remained unapologetically deaf to all entreaties to address Nigerians or open a window into his mind...

Buhari: Tweeting Asaba massacre on Road to Rwanda

Festus Adedayo (June 6, 2021) Like a suicide bomber ready to sacrifice his life, I slid into the Nigerian war theatre last week. No, not Northeast...

Constitutional amendment and the drummer at Alaafin’s palace

By Festus Adedayo   There was this Alaafin, monarch of the ancient Oyo Kingdom, who ruled over a century ago, known for his fiery and terrifying...

Mitigating banking fraud through financial safety education

Enhancing financial literacy education and risk management in mobile/electronic transactions by deposit money banks, in Nigeria, are some of the ways to reduce the...

Second year in office: The gains, uncanny logic in Makinde’s strides on infrastructure

By Mayowa Okekale Thinking well is wise whilst planning well is wiser, but doing well is the wisest of all. The Governor of Oyo State,...

From Ramoni ‘Hushpuppi’ to Abidemi Rufai ‘Sandy Tang’

Oludayo Tade Twelve months ago, Ramoni Abbas (37 years) popular known as ‘hushpuppi’ was arrested in June 2020 in Dubai for alleged money laundering from...

Aburi ghost, Asaba secessionists and waffles in high places

Festus Adedayo When you listen to Nigeria’s Senate President, Ahmed Lawan’s skewed submission on southern governors’ meeting in Asaba, Delta state last week, you will...

What if we wake up tomorrow to a coup in Nigeria?

By Festus Adedayo The New York Times report of March 13, 1976 put the story of Nigeria’s perennial human sacrifices by the bloodthirsty grove of coup-plotting most startlingly....

Solving financial exclusion of People Living with Disabilities

ByOludayo Tade Solutions from other jurisdictions provide useful templates to drive the financial inclusion of the underserved and financially excluded people living with disabilities (PLWD)...

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