Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Unit (Taskforce) at night on Friday, May 21, 2021, impounded 10 vehicles on Muritala Mohammed International Airport Road, Ikeja, for driving against traffic.

The Taskforce also vowed to commence the arrest and prosecution of drivers of vehicles impounded for plying ‘one way’, in addition to the forfeiture of such vehicles.

In a statement on the warning by the Taskforce, the Head, Public Affairs, Femi Moliki, said on Sunday, May 23 that
the chairman of the agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye, was leading his team on a routine enforcement of traffic law in the metropolis when he ran into some of the vehicles driving against traffic on Airport Road on Friday night.

Further waiting in the the area by the team led to the seizure of more vehicles, bringing the total to 10.

The brand and registration numbers of the 10 impounded vehicles were Sinotruck (LND 26 XW), Toyota Corolla (BDG 935 FY), A-Zebra (AGL 18 AH), Ford Limited (PF 3622 SPY), Toyota Matrix (KSF 15 DS), Highlander (LSD 01 GR), Toyota Hiace (GGE 506 XZ), Mini Bus (BDG 484 TC), Toyota Hilux (KJA 392 XT) and Toyota Hilux (AAA 987 ET).

Expressing surprise about the unending attitude of some motorists still driving against the traffic in view of the impoundment and auction policy of the state government, Jejeloye noted that, “forthwith, Taskforce will start prosecuting drivers of vehicles impounded for one way.”

Jejeloye said that it was appalling that despite the seizure of vehicles and auctioning them after obtaining court order, a lot of motorists still drive against traffic, stressing that the agency would implement the traffic law on driving against the traffic completely.

He also noted that it had become necessary to forthwith begin the arrest and prosecution of drivers of vehicles impounded for driving against traffic because of the unyielding stance of many motorists still being caught in the act.

He added that Lagos State Law provided for a year imprisonment for driver of vehicle impounded for driving against traffic, as well as forfeiture of such vehicle.

“It is disturbing that we still find many highly enlightened motorists driving against traffic,” the chairman stated, adding that they were putting the lives of pedestrians and other road users in danger, as a number of people had been killed by vehicles driven against traffic by motorists who had formed the habit.

He said that the agency would step up efforts to ensure that perpetrators are made to face justice, adding that no one would be spared in enforcing the law forthwith.

It will be recalled that Lagos State Traffic Law stipulates forfeiture of vehicle for driving against traffic along with a year imprisonment for a first offender; three years imprisonment and forfeiture of the vehicle to the state and capturing of data and biometrics for second and subsequent offence.


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